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Design a Flowchart

By | September 2012
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Design a Flowchart for a Process
Yolanda Colzie
OPS/571 Operations Management
September 12, 2012
Professor Eric Belmar, Jr.

Design a Flowchart for a Process
A flowchart, according to the Dictionary Reference (n.d.), is a graphic representation designed to represent a process to show the most effective way to complete a process. A flowchart can represent a process personally and professionally. According to Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano (2006), a process entails taking input information and turning that input into output. Flowcharts also aid in visualizing the step-by-step sequence of events in a particular process. Performing different tasks is a part of daily routines whether personal or professional. This paper identifies a specific process chosen for improvement, displays the flowchart of the process, identifies the factors affecting the process design, and identifies a metric to measure the process. Processing Certification Applications

A big part of my daily routine at work involves the processing of applications submitted by customers seeking to become a state certified business. Because of the volume of applications received on a weekly basis, timely processing of new applications is critical to time management. Developing a process that will make this task less time-consuming is the focus of this flowchart design. Factors Affecting Process Design

Although there a several steps involved in the processing of a certification application, the initial screening of the application is critical to the process. The factors that affect the process design include: 1. Is the application package complete? OR Is the application package incomplete? 2. Is the checklist included? OR Is the checklist missing? 3. Can we accept the application? OR Do we return the application to the customer? The first step is to determine if the application package is complete. If the application is incomplete the...

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