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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Ashwaq Alfadhel
WebAPP Design

In this chapter we select a broad array of quality attributes for WebApps. Select the three that you believe are the most important, and make an argument that explains why each should be emphasized in WebApp design work. Quality attributes are the factors that affect the run-time behavior, system design, and user experience. Quality attributes contain eight factors which are usability, functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability, security, availability, scalability, and time to market. The most important quality attributes for WebApps are usability, reliability, and security. * Usability: is how the application meets the requirements of the user and consumer by being intuitive, easy to localize and globalize, providing good access for disabled users, and resulting in a good overall user experience. As we know most web software applications have a broad customer base and these customers have grown to expect software to be simple to learn. Although a lot of knowledge is available for how develop usable websites, many websites still don’t meet the requirement of usability that most of customer expect it. This, coupled with the fact that customers exhibit little site loyalty which means the web sites that are not usable will not be used and the customers will quickly switch to more usable web sites. Customers expect to be able to use web sites without training. Thus, the software must flow according to the users' expectations, provide the only needed information and when needed, and provide navigation controls that is clear. * Reliability: is the ability of system to continue operating in the expected way over time. Moreover, it is measured as the probability that a system will not fail and that it will perform its function for a specified time interval. The web software is critical to the commercial success of many businesses and if the software doesn’t work reliably, the businesses will not...
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