Design of Theodolite

Topics: Theodolite, Surveying, Angle Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Design of Theodolite:

This model is a working model and you should read this if you are searching for a quick maths model to make. Its related to trigonometry. The name of this device is theodolite. It has the same use as that of a clinometer but it is made differently. I A theodolite is an instrument used for determining the horizontal and vertical angles between two points.

Material Required

• Protractor
• Piece of wood or cardboard wider than the protractor
• Push pin or nail
• Hammer (optional)
• String
• Small weight


1. Align the center of the flat edge of the protractor with the centre of the long edge of the wood or cardboard.

2. Firmly attach the protractor to the wood or cardboard using the push pin or nail. Push the push pin or nail in by hand or use a hammer.

3. Avoid breaking the protractor or shifting it out of position.

4. Attach the weight to one end of the string. Attach the other end of the string to the push pin or nail.


(i) Take Thinner string to read the angle more accurately when using the theodolite. Use of tangent table, will simplify the use of the theodolite.

(ii) Homemade theodolites should not be used with precision is crucial, as in engineering or survey.

Making Observations with the theodolite

Procedure for setting up:

1.Set the tripod over the survey point with the head level and legs making about a 70-degree angle with the ground. Mount the theodolite on the tripod.

2. Secure the front tripod leg and move the two other legs to center the theodolite by using the plumb bob. Secure the back two legs.

3.Adjust the length of one leg of the tripod at a time, while keeping the other two still. Use the plumb bob to level the circular bubble without disturbing the centering.

4.Rotate the theodolite on the tripod head until its plate bubble is parallel to any two footscrews. Adjust those two footscrews to center the bubble.

5.Rotate the theodolite body 90 degrees...
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