Design of Psychological Experiment

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Design of Psychological Experiment

The Positive Influence of Yoga exercises on work performance in data entry professions


Yoga exercises positively influence work performance in data entry professions. We expect that after yoga exercise participants should be able to file data faster and with higher accuracy.


Independent Variable

In this study, the independent variable is receiving or not receiving yoga exercise.

Dependant Variable

The dependant variable is the number of data entries filed and number of errors in the data entry.


The participants were 30 university students who responded to an advert in the University newsletter. There were 16 males and 14 females. The average age of the participants was 21.7 years. The age span was from 16 to 27 years. None of the participants had previous experience with regular yoga classes. The exclusion criteria were: drug intake in past two months, mental disorders, metabolic disorders, manifest illness, high blood pressure, traumatic life experience in the last year, history of cardiovascular disease, or any kind of not fully healed injury and respiratory difficulties. In exchange for taking part in the experiment, the participants received a free ticket to the Spring Art Festival.

Material and Facilities

Four rooms were prepared for the experiment. Two of the rooms were computer training classrooms, equipped with 16 computers each. One room was provided with yoga maths, blankets and sitting cushions. One room was prepared with chairs and tables. On each computer in both computer rooms were installed three identical Microsoft Access files named Part One, Part Two and Part Three. All files were identical; they included separated fields for name, address - street, city, ZIP code, - product code, number of pieces, and mode of the transport. Next to the keyboards, there were brochures with printouts of orders, taken from a real internet-based shop....
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