Design of Machine Elements

Topics: Line shaft, Pulley, Belt Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: January 26, 2011
GKM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, CHENNAI-63 ME2352 DESIGN OF TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS UNIT 1 – ASSIGNMENT 1. Give the relationship of ratio of tensions in a V-belt drive. 2. Define maximum tension in a belt. 3. List out the losses in belt drives. 4. Give the condition for maximum power transmission in terms of centrifugal tension in case of belt drive. 5. What is master link? What is half link? 6. How a chain drive is compared with a gear drive? 7. Under what conditions, chain drives are preferred over V-belt drives? 8. How do you specify a wire rope? Give an example. 9. Specify applications of wire ropes. 10. What is fleet angle for a wire rope winding machine? What will happen if it exceeds the limiting value? 11. A 3 kW of power is transmitted by an open belt drive. The linear velocity of belt is 3 m/s. The angle of lap on the smaller pulley is 165°. The coefficient of friction is 0.3. Determine the effect of power transmission in the following cases: i) Initial tension in the belt is increased by 10%, ii) Initial tension in the belt is decreased by 10%, iii) Angle of lap is increased by 8% by the use of an idler pulley, for the same speed and the tension on the tight side, and iv) Coefficient of friction is increased by 8% by suitable dressing to the friction surface of the belt. Also state which of the above methods could be more effective? 12. Design a flat belt drive to transmit 25 kW at 900 rpm to an aluminium rolling machine with a speed reduction of 3.0. The distance between the shafts is 3 m. Diameter of the rolling machine pulley is 1.2 m. Take belt slip as 2%. 13. Design a V-belt drive to transmit 50 kW at 1440 rpm from an electric motor to a textile machine running 24 hours a day. The speed of the machine shaft is 480 rpm. 14. Select a V-belt drive for transmitting 1.5 kW from a motor at 1450 rpm to a blower at 300 rpm in an air conditioning plant. The centre distance should be at least equal to 1.5 times the diameter of the larger pulley. 15. A...
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