Design of Gsm Based Power Management

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Monitoring of power has been a neglected area in developing countries particularly, Nigeria. Most of these developing countries have always been facing the problem of irregular power supply not because they do not have the capacity to generate the required electricity supply but failure to manage or monitor power consumption by their appliances. The lack of power management result in the development of a GSM based power management system. This system allows monitoring and control power consumption by household appliances. The GSM technology is well deployed in most developed countries due to its features like easy interfacing with appliances via radio frequency, accessibility at remote area. In this paper, software and hardware were developed. The software allows the user of the system to request for an action from the hardware components. The micro-controller is connected with GSM and relays each of which controls its connected power outlets. GSM – based power management is convenient, more secure, less costly and user – friendly for end user. It is very useful in the area of power management.

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Power management has been an area of neglect mostly in the developing nations of the world. Most developing countries have always been batling with the problem of constant power supply not because they do not have the capacity to generate the required electricity supply but because they have failed in their culture of management.

Management has been an issue with developing countries. That is the main difference between developed countries and developing countries, Nigeria being a developing country, is not any better. It is also affected with the poor management virus and power is also part of the things marjoly mismanaged in this part of the world. Timo (2002) researches and studies have shown that Nigeria is one of the blessed countries in terms of natural resources but due to poor management culture we have failed as a nation in harnessing them properly, and for the resources we have harnessed we have refused to gain a total control over them. Often times, people consume power without being made responsible for it. Responsibility in this sense goes beyond the payment of bills which is being calculated by estimation which is done by the power regulating body the power holding company of Nigeria. In view of this problem, the power holding company of Nigeria which is the power regulating body of the country (Nigeria) tried to curb this power consumption mismanagement issue by introducing an electronic digitized meter which is pre-paid and it is called a pre paid meter. With the introduction of pre-paid meter billing system to consumers, their power consumption have changed and have increased tremendously. The billing system have became outrageous so there has been an issue of how to manage power by a household in order to be able to consume a specific amount of power so that bills will be strictly based on the amount of power consumed.


This design is only implemented for a home that does not consume more than 200w of power. It has been designed to accommodate only four appliances whose sum total of power rating must not exceed 200w

GSM Technology

As mentioned by Timo (2002), GSM is widely deployed and is a growing technology supporting a number of new applications being used for it. GSM is a digital cellular radio system that operates on two frequency bands 900 and 1800MHz. It is a European standard but now has been globally accepted, that reduces the cost of manufacturing and increases the market target. Standardizations are still evolving and so far they have had up to two phases: 1 and 2. (GSM Technical Specification, 2007)

This evolution has achieved higher operational boundaries to what was expected at the birth of the technology. Some of the excepted features of the system...
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