Design Management

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Design Management Case Studies

Design Management Case Studies represents an unusual and timely contribution to knowledge of the management of product and service innovation. The six design management case studies described are from large and small companies in the UK and abroad. They include architecture, consumer products and services, textiles, clothing and services. All the case studies show an audit procedure, the main research methods used and key findings. Audits have been selected from some 90 detailed studies conducted by design management staff and postgraduate researchers in design management at the University of Central England, Birmingham. Design management policy audits from selected companies with a focus on communication form the core of this book, and also included are descriptions of the overall nature of design management together with review and project questions which will enable the development and teaching of design management and design auditing. A progressive developmental definition is used where the design facility is normally viewed as a clear and positive attribute to a company even though it may often be integrated with a range of other business functions. A design manager therefore is seen as a specialist team member who utilizes all at his/her disposal towards positive business development. The research attempts to provide working definitions of design management in action, for those studying, teaching and practising in the area. Robert Jerrard is Professor of Design Studies at the Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England. He has published widely and his research interests include risk assessment in design, ethnicity and entrepreneurism, and work-based learning. David Hands is Senior Research Assistant at the Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England. He has worked and published widely in the area of design policy analysis. Jack Ingram is Chair of the Programme of Postgraduate Design courses at the Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England. He has published widely and is co-founder and executive editor of The Design Journal.

Design Management Case Studies

Robert Jerrard, David Hands and Jack Ingram

London and New York

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Notes on the nature of Design Management
Introduction to the case studies Case study 1 Electrolux: the management of complexity in a large organization BOB JERRARD, DAVID HANDS AND JACK INGRAM


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