Design House Partnership

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Q3- What would you recommend to the company if they asked you to advise them in improving their operation?
Existing problems and constrains:
1) Existing conflict between distribution operation, and manufacturer operation over effectiveness and accuracy of marketing forecast. This led to affect utilization, efficiency, and increased scrap. 2) Existing conflict between manufacturer operation and design house. 3) Differences in typology of operation (4v) between manufacturer and distribution, design operations. This led to different emphases, priorities, and implication for each operation. 4) The move from (focus and concept products) to design house partnerships (business to business sector).This raised the question in to how much it gets the CDS in to an area of business beyond company core expertise. 5) Insufficient storing capacity.

6) Difficulty in process scheduling, and lack of coordination's between different activities and processes. 7) 40% of express delivery utilized by the company rather than by the customer due to out of stock product at time of order (means extra cost).

Improving the Operations
These conclude that the resources of the company operation not appropriate any more for these products. 1) Create two processes to look after the main types of operations: * One processes for focused manufacturer process characterized by (high volume / low variety) that they keep as its the existing large machines with multi impression mould. * The other process for both concepts, design house partnership characterized with (low volume/ high level variety product) that they have a different type of accurate right size tool and people dedicated for this type of process. 2) The idea of being customer centric does not means that customer must be provided with everything they want. Company must have to strike balance between what customer would like and what operation can afford. 3)...
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