Design for Riordan Manufacturing

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Design for Riordan Manufacturing
Steve Wernick

Riordan Manufacturing is a global leader in plastics manufacturing who employees hundreds of people.  Riordan manufactures plastic bottles, medical stents, fans, heart valves, and they custom order plastics. In maintaining their competitiveness, they utilize the Six Sigma methodology and are focused on long-term relationships with their customers as well as their suppliers while achieving financial growth. In this paper, we will discuss the current state of operations at Riordan and define the process for custom plastic pieces at their facility located in Michigan. Finally, we will recommend some metrics that should provide improvements to their process. Process for Custom plastic pieces at the Michigan facility

The Pontiac plant of Riordan Manufacturing at Michigan manages the operation of custom plastic pieces. The plant accommodates the manufacturing operation of custom plastic fabrics for medical products (Riordan Manufacturing – Pontiac, Michigan, n.d.). Receiving department at the Pontiac, MI receives High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pellets, dies, plastic films, steel & aluminum stock, etc as raw materials to prepare customized input required in the mold fabrication and mixing department. Processing of the raw material generates waste that can be hazardous to the environment such as damaged bags, scrap materials, energy waste, etc. Mold fabrication department produces mold required for manufacturing custom pieces according to the design supplied by the R & D department in San Jose, CA. Third-party vendor supplies the customized fabric pieces if Georgia or China plants manufacture designs. Mold fabrication department applies the grinding, cutting or etching operation for creating processed metals. The waste materials from process are scrapped material, oils, energy, etc in which hazardous material are controlled by concerned department. Mixing department applies the...
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