Design Enterprise-Level Business System

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  • Published: April 12, 2011
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Design Enterprise-Level Business System Paper
Business Systems Development II

Design Enterprise-Level Business System Paper
1.0       Design methods for developing an enterprise-level information system There are many things that have to happen correctly in the design phase in order for an enterprise-level business system to be effective. In order for the system to be effective, it should align with strategy, reduce costs, improve productivity, promote timely execution, enable better decision making, leverage emerging technologies, ensure acceptable levels of control and risk management, optimize the skills and capabilities of the organization, and promote collaboration across the extended enterprise. (The Hackett Group, 2010) The first step is to understand the business and how it is strategically aligned. The company must understand what it is bringing to the table. Before the necessary scope of the project can be decided, this is where the planning starts. A survey among employees of the companies should take place to review the philosophy, vision, and mission. (Armstrong Enterprise Communications, Inc., n.d.) Buy in is critical at all levels of the organization in order for an enterprise resource planning initiative to be successful. One of the main goals of successful enterprise resource planning implementation is companywide buy in. Each employee should have a cursory understanding of the goal and mission of the business, and how their work relates to these goals. This type of strategic alignment can empower employees to perform at higher levels of productivity. If the project moves forward, this knowledge will be a necessity in determining the budget and scope of the project. The biggest mistake is not keeping this simple. The explanation needs to be related to the employee directly, and understandable. A basic operational model should be formed of how the business operates. There are a few different ways to do this...
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