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Topics: Rooms, Bathtub, Bathroom Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: November 21, 2012
In our very first major plate, we were asked to design a residential building with 2 bedrooms each with a bathroom, a servant’s quarters, service area, a patio, a carport, front porch and all other necessary rooms in a residential building.

To start, I first researched about the characteristics of a bungalow building, and browsed for examples to get a more specific idea on what a bungalow is. According to my research, a bungalow is a house, usually rectangular in shape, with a great room or living room which provides access to the whole house. It is usually built with only a ground floor, since it is a house usually built for the elders due to its very organized and very accessible design, making it perfect for the elders as to they don’t have to travel very far, and go upstairs since everything is accessible from the living room alone. All the spaces in a bungalow building are functional and practical.

After conducting my research, I then started to make bubble diagrams, which took me a bit of a long time, arranging all the rooms while considering all the characteristics and modern needs of man. My first consideration was that the living room should be open or connected to the kitchen, because we wouldn’t want the person in the kitchen be left out from the conversation in the living room. The dining table is between the living room and kitchen for a couple of reasons: space conservation and social activities. Another consideration was the destination of the bedrooms, because they have to be in the east to be able to enjoy the sunrise as they wake up, and not get burnt by the afternoon sun from the west. The patio is directly outside the door by the kitchen because, when serving, maybe, breakfast outside, it would easy access for the people in the house. Going around the house just to deliver food to the patio would be very tiresome and troublesome. Next, I decided that maybe the servant’s quarters and the laundry room or service area should...
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