Design Brief for a Magazine

Topics: Magazine, Vogue, Teen Vogue Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: December 16, 2012
I will be creating an appropriately styled teen magazine. It will contain cover issues about teenagers and their day to day life, what problems they go through as teens and tips on fashion. It will also contain latest gossips about celebrities and information about movies and other topics which are aimed at teenagers and their interests. It will also contain pictures which I will be providing to go with each individual article. I also intend to create a barcode and wish to include a date of issue so that the people reading the magazine will always know which magazine is up to date. I will occupy most of my space with pictures and there will also be a lot of interesting articles. The intended audience are teenagers. Especially girls; because they are the ones who get more interested in magazines that include gossips, fashion tips and celebrities articles. Even though I should use a wider range of topics to make sure that other ages and genders read the magazine; I think it is more appropriate to only include features for females. Mostly because the range of females that read magazines is much wider than the range of males who read different styled magazines. The age range is from 12-18. The name of the magazine will be ‘Reality VS Fantasy ‘. I will be publishing my magazine bi-monthly so I have enough time to do research for the magazine and also because I will need to process the actual publishing of the magazine and the time to create the magazine. I have reviewed a magazine called ‘Teen Vogue’. The features I like about this magazine are the different types of manuscripts which I will be including in my magazine. I also liked the title which is in two different styles, texts and colours; I will also be using this feature as it appears to be eye-catching. Another factor that I will be including as content based on teen vogue magazine is the fact that they use the latest articles on gossip that they can find on the actual magazine. However the magazine also...
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