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Topics: Teleological argument, Universe, Teleology Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Give an account of the fundamental ideas of the Design Argument for the existence of God

The design argument explicates many fundamental ideas in order to achieve evidence for the existence of God; its ideas are concluded by scholars such as Aquinas (analogy of the archer), Paley (analogy of the watch) and Tennant (anthropic principle). They use analogies and principles to draw arguments to their conclusions to the existence of God. The argument is teleological; it aims to prove that everything that God has designed has an end and a purpose.Firstly, one of the fundamental ideas of Design argument is how an unintelligent object needs to be directed by an intelligent being. Aquinas developed the analogy of the archer; the analogy supports the design argument. The analogy goes as follows: The archer shoots the arrow to a target. The archer is an intelligent being as it has to direct the arrow. The arrow is an unintelligent object. The analogy concludes that God is an intelligent being whom directs the universe and sustainable human life, which is unintelligent or contingent. Contingent means something that relies on something else to exist. The universe relies on the intelligent being (God) to direct it. This demonstrates that the argument is teleological as it comes from the Greek word ‘telos’ meaning end. The teleological argument relates to Aquinas’s argument as the intelligent being (God) directs everything for a purpose to the end. Without the intelligent being, the universe wouldn’t exist or be able to sustain life because of the universe’s contingency. It would fail to exist. Therefore, God exists in order to direct the universe and life.

Secondly, another fundamental idea of design argument is that the universe must have been created by an intelligent being; God. It argues that the universe is so complex that it isn’t by chance that it came about. Paley uses his analogy of the watch to support the argument, His analogy can be broken into five...
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