Design Approaches for USAA Banking Using Process Design Matrix

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  • Published : July 29, 2013
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Process Design Matrix and Summary


July 1, 2013

Process Design Matrix and Summary
The purpose of this executive summary is to outline the specific design approaches for USAA banking. In the report findings, information will be provided about the process design approach, the process design itself, the workforce, and the quality of the services and products. Process Design and Approach

USAA has separated itself from the rest in terms of financial institutions in that it prides itself in exceptional customer service. Their process design or operating model has many areas that are staying current with evolving technology. The major findings as outlined in the process design show an array of highly competitive financial products and services along with exceptional customer satisfaction. Process Design Approach

Financial services and products are delivered not through traditional branch locations and face-to-face interactions but though various channels of communication such email, fax, over the phone, and via the internet. What is clear is that the services and products have designed around the customer’s needs not so much around the business needs for the corporate leaders. More systematized systems were created for the customer needs as seen fit by high level management. An organization chart was developed for member’s experiences. This chart created a way for management to get out in front of marketing techniques and sales approaches. Workforce

In other findings certain departments such as the IT department has researched new applications to allow for more streamline services for both customers and employees. One finding shows that the mobile depositing application that was first introduced by the IPhone is now the first of its kind but also intriguing other financial institutions to incorporate the same technology. Along with the IT department...
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