Design and Difference

Topics: Design, Graphic design, Mind Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Today, there are millions of designers in our world, trying to do their bit to make a difference. A difference. But what is it exactly that makes a difference? Does everyone believe the same ideas and concepts will make a change in our world, or do we all have varying opinions on what makes a difference? We all view this world in our own way. Therefore, different things have an impact on every single individual. As a designer, I try to make the effort through all of my designs to have an impact on the viewer. Whether it be an emotional impact, an inspirational impact, or even a negative impact. If my designs have an impact and the viewer walks away still thinking about it, then I know I have done my job as a designer. This is not always successful – but this is my ultimate aim. I believe this is what all design should do. Have an impact. How can design make a difference you ask? It can impact its viewer or society in ways never imaginable. It can inspire, entice, engage, form relationships, form bonds and create a discovery. The possibilities are endless. To be a successful designer, to create designs that really do make a difference, one must spend time on projects that will make things better rather than worse. What things? Things like values, attitudes, relationships between individuals, sustainability not only in design but in the world. Design for a purpose. Whether its just to answer a brief or you have your own individual reason, always design for a particular purpose. That purpose will be the difference between designing something that will make this world a better place, and something that will impact someone, some where, and therefore, make things better rather than worse. To me, design goes further than structure and final styling or graphics. I believe that through a final piece of design, there is a great opportunity to create a large change and impact on the world. Take photography for instance. I believe that one photograph can change the world. It...
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