Design and Development of a Virtual Instrument for Bio-Signal Acquisition and Processing Using Labview

Topics: Data acquisition, Digital signal processing, LabVIEW Pages: 13 (3206 words) Published: February 17, 2013
ISSN: 2278 – 8875
International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Vol. 1, Issue 1, July 2012

Design and development of a Virtual Instrument for Bio-signal Acquisition and Processing using LabVIEW Patterson Casmir D’Mello1, Sandra D’Souza2
Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, M.I.T, Manipal1,2 ,
1 2

Abstract: The increased performance of personal computers and their reduced cost has made it possible for development of PC based signal processing systems.Hospitals need several measurement systems that can measure physiological parameters of the patients. Although diagnostic medical instruments have been widely used, combining virtual instrument technology to achieve the purpose of physiological measurement has several benefits. These systems are efficient and cost-effective for acquiring and analyzing biomedical signals. Utilizing virtual instrumentation to achieve physiological measurement will largely decrease the cost and increase the flexibility of the instruments.This workaims at designing a virtual instrument for acquiring and processing of Electrooculogram signal. Electrooculography (EOG) is a technique for measuring the resting potential of the retina. Keywords: Data acquisition, signal processing, LabVIEW, Virtual Instrument, EOGmeasurement I. INTRODUCTION Hospitals need several measurement systems that can measure physiological parameters of the patient. Measurement systems should be able to measure accurately the vitals of patient like heart conditions, body temperature, electrical activity of the heart, electrical activity of the brain etc. This information should be readily available to the doctors for diagnosis and proper treatment. PCbased signal acquisition, and analysis is an efficient and cost effective method forbiomedical signal acquisition and monitoring. Isolation of the subject from the electronic circuitry is very important. Also, since the bio signal level is very low, amplification of signals is important.Hence, a PC based system consists of additional circuits for isolation and amplification of the signals. Combining virtual instrumentation technology for physiological measurements is an upcoming technology that is currently rising up at a faster rate. The cost can be drastically brought down and the flexibility can be increased by use of virtual instrumentation.National Instrument’s LabVIEWis a platform and development environment for a visual programming. The purpose of such programming is automating the usage of processing and measuring equipment in any laboratory setup. Controls and indicators on the front panel allow an operator to input data into or extract data from a running virtual instrument. A key benefit of LabVIEW over other development environments is the extensive support for accessing instrumentation hardware. The paper is organized as follows: Section I, gives introduction to virtual instrumentation and need of the current work,Section II, explains the bio signal details, Section III discusses the challenges in the design, Section IV explains the performance and results,and the last Section V concludes the paper followed by references used. II. BIOELECTRIC SIGNAL-.ELECTOOCULOGRAM Electric potentials are generated as a result of movement of the eyeballs within the conductive environmentof the skull. Electrodes placed on either sideof the eyes or above and below them pick up the potentials generated by the motion of the eyeball. This potential varies approximately in proportion to the movement of the eyeballs. This signal is small

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ISSN: 2278 – 8875
International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Vol. 1, Issue 1, July 2012

separately. This requires five electrodes which are placedabove and below the eye for vertical movements,and on the sides of...
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