Design and Development of Library System

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Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Studies
In this chapter, the researchers discuss the different foreign and local literatures gathered from books, magazines and related articles from internet. Library Automation
As stated in a thesis entitled “The University of Asia and the Pacific Library’s On-line Public Catalog Access(OPAC): Status and Prospects”, library automation has change the traditional job to functions, such as automated retrieval of information, cataloging using MARC records, automated circulation, and acquisition. Automation has revolutionized library operations. Librarians have benefited from the products of science and new technologies, such as online catalogs, computerized information retrievals, electronic data transmission, information sharing, and electronic mail. Technology may have transformed the process of information gathering and retrieval; however, librarians as knowledge managers have the capability and technical know-how to transform libraries into one step shopping centers for all information retrievals. Librarians are the knowledge consultants that help patrons to navigate through and utilize the tremendous resources available through various channels.

The OPAC or Online Public Access Catalogue provides the interface to enable library users to access the system. Modern Library Management System (LMS) will almost invariably provide the OPAC through web pages delivered as part of the library’s website, but the OPAC itself may be used as an interface to other resources beyond those held by the library. OPACs normally provide a range of search options (author, author/title, title, classification, keyword, etc.) and may enable Boolean searching. An issue in OPAC design is the level of complexity that should be provided. The systems now provide an interface which on the face of it is simple, and can operate effectively on single keywords, etc., but which will also accepts and executes complex commands. Thus the interface...
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