Design and Analysis of Experiments

Topics: Normal distribution, Analysis of variance, Statistics Pages: 4 (701 words) Published: December 26, 2012


Subject: Statistical analysis of a sling regarding three factors with three levels.

Aim: Our aim is to statistically analyse the effects of three factors; rubber type, shooting range and tensile distance on the shooting range.

Description: In our project, we will design three slings for three types of rubbers.With these slings, we will try three shooting angles;30, 45, 60 degrees. Also with these factors we will make experiments with three tensile distances, namely the distance that we will pull the rubber; 2, 4 and 6 cm. As response values we will use the range that particular object goes. We will use the same pebble. So there will be no difference in the trials with respect to the used object.

Thus, in the analysis, we will examine the effects of rubber, angle and the distance on the range of the object takes after being released from the sling.

At the end, we will use Design Expert software for ANOVA and interpretations from the related graphs for concluding remarks from the experiment regarding the factors.



As we defined in the outline, we evaluated the effects of three factors such as; rubber type, angle and tensile for the shooting range of a sling. From our experiments we got 81 response values with different levels of the factors.

The structure of the experiment and data can be summerized as below:


After presentation of the data, we graphically show the effects of the three main factors on the shooting range as follows; first the effect of rubber, second the angle and lastly the tensile.




From the graphs we can interpret that, regarding only the rubber type, the most effective one is the tourniquet and second one is the car type and the last one is the bcycle type of rubber.

Regarding only the angle degree, we see that the furthest range is obtained at 45...
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