Design an Improved Curriculum

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For this assignment I have chosen to design an improved curriculum for a Level 3 Unit for National Diploma Travel & Tourism students. The unit, Long Haul Travel Destinations, has been delivered by another tutor for the last 4 years. I believe this unit should motivate the students to want to learn more about some of the exciting and varied Long Haul destinations around the globe, particularly those who may not have travelled to destinations outside of the UK or Europe. Currently, it is delivered in such a manner where the use of IT is not encouraged, apart from what the learner may use for research. This is due to the fact that the current tutor lacks in confidence and experience in IT. I feel this is why the learners find it a dull unit and are often late submitting work and produce the minimum amount of work to achieve a pass in the unit. I feel there is an opportunity with this unit to create some passion in the learners to learn about and eventually have the desire to travel to far-flung destinations, that maybe they would not have been aware of prior to studying this unit. Therefore I have redesigned the curriculum to include some exciting and innovative uses of IT, which will hopefully be inspirational for the group of learners and also improve the process of facilitating learning and marking the student work for the tutor. The Scheme of Work (Appendix 1) is designed to be delivered over 10-12 weeks, most of our units are delivered in a double session over one term. At Level 3 the learners are not just expected to research and present facts and information on long haul destinations but are also required to look at the factors that affect customer choice, and also evaluate how destinations can capitalise on facilities and features to influence and improve future development. These optional parts of the unit, that allow us to differentiate between learners of different abilities; will allow the them to achieve merit and distinction. This should stretch and challenge the learners and help them develop a better understanding of the types of long haul destinations available to customers and why they have become successful tourist destinations. This unit will also encourage the learner to make links between customer type, motivation to travel, travel factors and the choice of destination. The learner is also required to plan a multi-centre tour; therefore this will introduce them to some of the complex reservations websites that allow the customer or the travel agent, to plan a multi-sector tour. Such websites allow the customer to select travel options such as airline, method and route, accommodation choices, optional extras such as tours, activities and car hire and work within a limited financial budget. Many learners, perhaps due to age or background, are not aware of the costs involved in a long haul holiday or maybe the difference between economy, business or first class travel. I have attempted to design a curriculum for learners who will, in the workplace, need to be aware of the resources and information available on the internet, and also the range of reservation websites available to travel agents and the public. Many of the sites used by the public are the same as those used by travel agents, the main difference being when a travel agent uses a login to make a reservation it does not request payment by credit card at the end, it will simply generate an invoice to the travel agents credit account. This curriculum is designed to give the learners more confidence in using different types of web media, and a varied means of presenting their work such as podcasts, blogs and video clips. The entire unit will be delivered via the learning channel, and in theory learners need not print out any work on paper, however paper copies are available to all learners who request them and they can be printed to meet any special needs, ie text size, paper colour to suit dyslexic students. Any work submitted,...
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