Desicion Tree Algorithm

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Background of the study
Technology is defined as the purposeful application of information. It goes without saying that technology has deep impact on every aspect of everyone’s lives. It changes every person the way they live, communicate, interact and talk. The routine of life completely has changed with the advent of high tech machines, modes of communication and transport. Life becomes easier and more comfortable than before because of technology. Online Trace helps to find for whomever they want to reach. It’s all up to their discretion and time constraints. Online Trace is the new, and more effective, way to find for someone. It is the easiest way to trace a person using the internet. Graduate tracer online is a databank supported by web-use for simple building administration, and analysis of an online survey for alumni. It has user-friendly questionnaire by means of filter command. The focus of this is to gather information from the graduates on their perceptions of their previous higher learning institution such as the programmes, facilities and services provided by their institutions and also want to know about their employment opportunities and how they fare in their fields of work.

One application of technology that continually arising today is the online tracer it is a tool to trace a particular person or thing online. Tracer Studies is a relatively straightforward qualitative technique that can be used to follow (or trace) the spread of Information from its original source through its full spectrum of impact, determining at every step of the way who used the information, how they used it, and what effect. A tracer study is a survey of graduates from institutions of higher education that are often seen as an important tool of institutional development especially when the world of work is changing rapidly. The term portal is known as links page which presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. It contains services that provide standard search engine feature, news, information, databases and entertainment. The researchers decided to design and develop an online graduate tracer for BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY under the college of CEAFACS to have information about alumni after graduating and to know alumni field of work. The tracer study on graduates of CEAFACS seeks to determine the status of graduates. It will also be a means of evaluating the graduates’ satisfaction level, encompassing various experiences throughout their studies in BatStateU. The first step toward building a productive data mining program is, of course, to gather data and through a search module alumni can search and communicate other alumni. Every registered alumni have own profile and they can edit it if they want. The researchers used portal for search engine, getting information and storing in databases. It provides a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities together.

Graduate Portal can provide entry points anything from Web access, alumni information, communication between alumni and the BatStateU. Since the graduate portal is accessible to any Web-enabled computer, it’s a powerful tool for pulling together an excessive university community. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The purpose of this study is to develop an Online Graduate Portal Tracer that will give solution to the problems of the alumni and faculty members of an institution in terms of getting access and update with each other as well as getting a summarized result of the professional success of the graduates of CEAFACS. Specifically, this aims to solve the following problems:

1. How to develop a tracer that would incorporate the ideas and concept of data mining? 2. How to attach the developed graduate tracer on the BatStateU online site? 3. How to evaluate the feedback of the alumni...
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