Topics: Agriculture, Human, Desertification Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: April 23, 2012

Today in many countries lands are becoming into deserts,and due to the conditions in the world soon we will not be able to take it backThere are two main causes of desertification,one is human activities and the other is climatic variations.

The first and the most important cause of desertification is human activities.Earlier desertification was only a natural formation but day by day humans are becoming responsible for it because of land mismanagements.Because of overgrazing, plants are eaten by mammals before they grow and multiply,then lands become arid.Also field destructions cause desertification.For example, destruction of agricultural fields makes the fields defenceless.Then wind blow away the surface and there is nothing left.Moreover,overcultivation of crops causes decrease in nutriens in soil,so it leads to desertification by declining soil fertility.Furthermore,deforestation reduces the protection of soil and because of rainforest destructions there is not enough water, the surface of soil becomes arid that leads to desertification.

The other cause of desertification is climatic variations.Due to global warming the climate changes,weather becomes warmer,so does the soil.Hot and dry weather causes drought,that is harmful for crops and valuable plants.The reduce in plants causes desertlike conditions.Also it is not possible to renovate the lost soil fertility which is caused by erosion so these areas can be counted as deserts.

Not only the causes;but also the effects of desertification are very important. Main effects of desertification are environmental changes and changes in human life.

Firstly,environment is affected by desertification.As Steele says that “Desertification is threatening the world’s food supply due to the continued decrease in arable land”(1997,para1).As well as erosion leads to desertification, also is an effect of it in long terms. According to “Scientific Facts on Desertification”,There is a big...
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