Desert Storm and Vietnam War

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Phase 4 DB
January 30, 2013
Hist 101: Professor Mauzey

Difference between Desert Storm and Vietnam War and Impact
I order to fully understand the difference desert Storm and the Vietnam War, you must understand the lessons learned by the U.S. after Vietnam. Vietnam soldiers were not adequately trained to handle the obstacles on the ground. The limitations of air power were very apparent as well. In Vietnam, the high cost of substituting machines for people in combat didn’t pan out and results were not visible. With that said, I believe the biggest difference between Desert Storm and Vietnam was the gain of experience. The now accepted and revolutionized technology allows robots and remote controlled airplanes to affectively replace people. The biggest and most significant difference was the strategic planning coordinated to allow, the Air Force to successfully drop bombs at the start of Desert Storm (Morrocoo, 1992). Impact

The impact on public perception was very different between the wars. Vietnam public perception was very harsh (History, 2013). My uncle always tells me of the story about his return home from Vietnam. He stresses that people did not come and shake your hand and say “thank you for serving”. People would spit on him and call him a “baby killer”. The public perception after the largest success after Vietnam, Desert Storm was a lot more welcoming. When Desert Storm ended, President Bush promptly declared that the "new world order had begun" (US History, 2012). Americans now feel confident in the technology used by the military, as well as confident in the military members and their families. Difference Between Desert Storm and 9-11

The “forgotten war”, Desert Storm won by the use of sophisticated aircraft. Americans believed they were the best of the best. This all changed when the not so forgotten war of 9-11 happened. America was caught off guard when Iraqi used American planes to attack the twin towers. Were False...
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