Desert Places

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Feeling Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Jade Washington
November 12, 2012
Poetry Mini Essay
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“Desert Places” by Robert Frost

The poem “Desert Places” by Robert Frost describes the loneliness that is an unavoidable part of human nature and discusses the fact that loneliness is something that comes from within you. Although the speaker is unknown they show their sad emotions while observing a snow covered field. To help readers understand the meaning of “Desert Places”. Frost uses forms of imagery, symbols and personification to transfer a variety of images to create the meaning of loneliness and emptiness.

In the first stanza the speaker is traveling through a field covered in snow. The snow represents cold, blankness, and winter time. The speaker says, "Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast" (Line 1). This gives a visual picture that the snow represents cold, blankness, and winter, while the nightfall gives images of vast darkness that describes the speaker's complete emptiness and state of loneliness. The speaker then continues to provoke feelings of emptiness and loneliness. The speaker states that, “the ground almost covered smooth in snow, but a few weeds and stubble showing last” (3-4). This represents how the snow is covering the grass and is showing how the snow is creating a blankness that shows loneliness, but also shows how life still goes on because not the entire field is covered in snow. Then the speaker reflects that no one is untouched. The speakers states that “all animals are smothered in their lairs” (Line6). The word “smothered” shows how nature is blanketed with emptiness.

Robert Frost uses symbols to express his feeling in “Desert Places”. The title “Desert Places” is a symbol itself because it gives the reader a feeling of isolation. This is scary for most people because they do not want to be alone in desolate places. Frost uses “Snow” the same way that he uses “Desert” to show how loneliness is a major part of human life for...
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