Desert Island

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Surviving on a Desert Island

Sometimes when I am daydreaming, I think about far off places, such as the beautiful uninhabited islands in the South Pacific. I imagine myself being shipwrecked on one of these islands, the way actor Tom Hanks was in Castaway. Probably I’ll never be stranded on a desert island, but if I were, I would like to have three things with me: Machete, Fishing Line, and A lighter

The first thing that I would like to have is a machete. A machete will help cut the fish and other foods to cook. I would use the machete to cut a tree branch to build a fire and a place to sleep. The machete could help me if I came in danger to any kind of wild animals.

Another thing that would help me to survive is a fishing line. A fishing line could help tie the food to a stick and cook it over the fire. This could also help in fishing for some food to cook so I don’t die. I could use the fishing line to tie some sticks together to make a roof to keep warm. A final thing I would need on the island is lighter. I could use the lighter to light the fire to cook my food. Fire comes in handy to stay warm. I could use the fire to keep animals away. In conclusion, I think that having these three things would help me to survive. There are other things I would miss of course, such as a hot shower, television and my cell phone, but I think I could manage, at least for a month or so. When I am finally rescued, I might even become a celebrity. Who knows, maybe I’ll be invited to appear on Good Morning America and be offered a million dollars for my story!
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