Desert Communications Inc.: Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams


Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams
Desert Communications Inc. is a major wireless telecommunications organization struggling with declining net profits because of recent changes in the communications industry. Desert Communications requires re-evaluating processes and guidelines through action research. Desert Communications utilized the management team of BCCW to perform the action research. BCCW is a contracted customer service call-center of Desert Communications. One step in action research is to create an action plan, which details procedures to successfully accomplish the changes required (Judge & Robbins, 2011). An action plan is a vital tool in keeping an organization on track and focused through the changes. The action plan created by the staff at Desert Communications focuses on two points: training and motivation. Presenting the Operational Change

Change is often not managed, as it should be; depending on the amount of people that are asked to make the change, it could create confusion and disruption. So, what call center manager and team leaders need to do is, bring the teams together and explain the situation let them know about the change that is about to take place, and also let him or her know what you as as a manager or team leader is expecting of them. Have the team gather information from one another and share ideas in what things they think would improve the business. Do not have one on one conversation with any of the team members that could make some of the members turn on one another. Managers and leaders are responsible for passing on the information about the change in the company, by handing out flyers, making phone calls; this includes anyone that may be on leave or vacation.

Methods of Presentation of Change
The management team will hand out memos that will notify staff of upcoming changes; in addition, IT will create a flash notice on staff terminals of upcoming training schedules. Customer and employee satisfaction surveys will be collected to assist in particular staff training and implementation of employee appreciation programs. Team meetings allow managers to answer questions of staff to alleviate concerns and reduction of negative rumor creation. Training for Multiple Audiences

The training will help each customer service call-center agent do his or her best in telephone etiquette. This will include understanding how to listen to the customer and the ability to offer services that will enhance the customers’ satisfaction. This training will include diversity, create and deliver meaningful messages, personalize interactions, product knowledge and stress management. There will also be training classes in: keys to great communication, which will teach the agent how to communicate with the customer, sales by phone, staying out of voice mail jail, going above and beyond, handling objections, and dealing with difficult customers. At the end of this training, the employees will be able to have a clear understanding of how to effectively service and connect with the customers. Group and Team Collaboration

Dessert Communications has begun an action plan with BCCW contracting company to implement new plans to integrate the requirements. Forecasting and obtaining a SWOT analysis is essential for the plan to reach new goals or objectives. A SWOT analysis will include the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization as internal and external factors are recognized. “The objective of the strengths analysis is to leverage the organization’s core competences and maximize their value-creation potential, while core problems need to be diagnosed so that they can be corrected” (Coman & Ronen,2009, p. 5679). The changes implemented by BCCW will assist Desert Communications reach the goals of the organization. SWOTT MATRIX

| Strengths (Internal)...
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