Desensitizing of the Mass Media

Topics: O. J. Simpson, Mass media, Mainstream Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: September 10, 2010
Desensitizing of the Mass Media
Donna Scyoc
University of Phoenix

DR. Brand Bowler
August 28, 2010

Desensitizing of the Mass Media
Most people who hear, read and or see about events like, the violence on television rarely give it a second thought. TV is just one way the mass media changes us. Violence overseas, in America and in third world countries are constantly in the news. You see dead people lying in groups, you see bomb destruction and horrific situations and you rarely process the whole amount of information being given to you. In government issues, we hear about illegal or immoral justice about our president, senators, or government elected people but we do not run to the phones and talk about it nor do we allow ourselves to get distraught over these things. We are becoming a deaf nation: we are desensitized because we are constantly being bombarded with news like this. We dismiss is rather quickly because in our minds we feel are hands are tied and we are trapped for many reasons. We might be going to a job that is demanding, have children and have many other important issues on our plates and do not have time to think about these issues. If we only heard about these issues once in a great while we then may act on those issues in a way which we would push our elected officials to act. There are so many intelligent people in the United States and we end up with a bunch of liars, scammers, skimmers, and we cannot put faith in our government anymore because we have become so media swayed by all of the negative things they do that we hear but we do not listen to even the good things anymore. The media plays an important part in the mass culture that they can literally brainwash us into thinking different ways if we listen to them speak all of the time. Do we really care anymore? ,or do we just plain deal with the fact that someone has to run this country and even if they are into illegal things and are we just plain...
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