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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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Desdemona: Strong and Relentless
Gurmehar Sodhi
Mansoor, U
March 29th, 2011
Words: 870

According to the general hierarchy when Shakespeare wrote his play, men were deemed to be more able than women. Instead in Othello, Shakespeare emphasizes the strength of Desdemona despite the stereotypical views about women. Desdemona is portrayed to be more able than the women and as able as the men in the Venetian society. Unlike other women in Othello, Desdemona proves to be very strong and relentless in her beliefs and love.

In Othello, Desdemona proves to be very strong and liberated. Since the beginning of the play Desdemona is portrayed to be strong and independent. Desdemona makes her own decision to wed Othello denying her father any right in granting allowance to this marriage. Desdemona also shows liberation and maturity when she marries a man of different race, colour and age. After an act of independence against her father she defends her decision by stating that Barbantio is her father but “here’s my husband, / And so much duty as my mother showed/ To you, preferring you before her father, / So much I challenge that I may profess / Due to the Moor my lord” (Shakespeare.1.3.184-187). Not only does Desdemona defend her decision, she is successful at it as Barbantio cannot further restrict Desdemona from marrying Othello. Desdemona then proves to be even stronger when she stands up for Emilia but most importantly, women. Iago begins to insult Emilia and then the whole female gender by saying disgusting stereotypical jokes; Desdemona does not stand for these accusations thus she replies to Iago saying “Oh, fie upon thee, slanderer!” (2.1.124) and “These are old fond paradoxes to make fools laugh/ I’th’alehouse” (2.1.136-137). Desdemona is outraged by Iago’s accusations and declares these statements something a man of lower class and intellect would say. Desdemona fighting back against Iago shows that she is not only strong but liberated in her...
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