Descrpition Essay on New York City

Topics: New York City, English-language films, New York Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Macy Climer
The city that never sleeps
When you think of New York City, you most likely imagine the extraordinary buildings that fly in the sky or the crowded sidewalks with hundreds of people shopping on every corner. Even with my short visit I found myself lost in the big apple. The streets are filled with the atmosphere that is like teenagers shopping with their parent’s credit card. Although by the end of the day your feet are so swollen from all the walking, you find yourself wanting to keep going in the hopes of having the best “New York experience.”

It was spring break of my senior year and my dance team plus our moms were about to travel to the city that never sleeps. All of us were so anxious to explore this amazing city that most of us have only seen on TV. When arriving at the airport that early spring morning I had butterflies in my stomach, for the thought of the big city that I have always dreamed visiting. The flight was long but it was comfortable. When the captain announced that we would be landing in about 20 minutes, I was the most anxious I have ever been in my life. Twenty minutes felt like forever! Finally the seat belt sign went off and the flight attendants opened the exit doors. The airport was so crowded with every kind of person you could think of. It was a small airport, only being about 10 minutes away from the city. After we collected our luggage we went to flag down our first taxi. I have watched several movies that were based in New York City so getting a taxi was just as simple as raising your hand and waving them down.

As the taxi came up from under a bridge I found myself staring at the most amazing city I have ever been to. Time Square is seen in a lot of movies, but it is way better then I imagined. As I was standing right in the middle of Time Square I was overwhelmed with everything that was going on around me. There were people covering every inch of the sidewalk, hot dog stands and people handing out flyers to...
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