Descriptive Writing Essay

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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The sky is clear as the deep blue sea. The main focal point was the bright orange full moon, which is accented by the glitzing stars. The reflection of the moon stretched across the lake in the country pasture to my left. The wavy water caused the moon to move as if it was a boat in the middle of the lake. I strolled along the wooden bridge as the moderate, meek breeze brushed the hairs on my skin and my nose. There was a continuous melody of insects singing, while the owls, frogs, crickets, and other night creatures blended in like background singers. The planes soared through the sky, displaying an array of lights, which appeared to be shooting stars. The deer and foxes, as well as other wildlife, welcomed themselves to their playground as they ran, jumped, crept, and played hide-and-go seek in the grass and shrubbery. The aroma of the flowers journeyed through the breeze, as the huge oak trees danced to the beat of the airstream. The further I toured the country pasture even further; the stench of garbage began to reap throughout the warm, breezy night. The humidity made my skin sticky and slimy, as if I ran a marathon and sweated honey perfidiously out of my pores. My clothing began to stick to me and the mosquito bites caused my skin to itch and burn, as I fought to scratch every surface area affected. Fear overcame me, as a group of young men wearing white wife-beaters, sagging pants, and rags on their heads, walked passed using the most explicit, ostentatious, and ill-mannered language known to man. The odor of their funny cigarettes lingered in the air, even as they were miles away. This country pasture looked as if to be their hide-away and I was the trespasser. My eyes watered and I sneezed in extreme agony. When I decided to about-face and reverse my stride, I chose my movements very carefully. The street was covered with fragmented, shattered pieces of glass. When I finally made it to my vehicle, I heard a loud, “Pop, Pop, Pop,” which...
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