Descriptive Story

Topics: Rooms, School, Girl Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 19, 2013
“Ha,ha,” they taunted,” just look at her.” Sally bowed her head miserably and made her way to the cluttered lunch table. Empty milk cartons and crumpled wrappers coated in cheese flooded the table she sat on. As she was about to bite into her apple, she felt a rush of wind and a huge clatter rang through her ears. One of the mean girls of the school shoved her lunch to the floor.

The whole lunch room was in an uproar, ‘unstable sally’ rang throughout the room like a resonance of doorbells. She pushed the door open wildly and ran through the hallway, the hanging light beams swayed grotesquely and looming shadows of lockers stretched far across the moss covered tiles.

As Sally approached the smooth, polished wooden door of the school’s old bathroom, it creaked loudly as she peeked inside. She went in and the door gave a loud slam behind her. The room was lit by a small candle that seemed to by dying out and the air was thick with dust.

To the far corner of the room, there was a bundle. Sally went closer to get a better look. It seemed to be a blanket. The fine threads shivered violently and the cringes rippled unusually. Suddenly, a voice rang through the darkness piercing her ears,” Don’t come any closer!!” Sally stepped back and felt her way to the door. She shivered and began breathing irregularly; she turned around fearfully to discover the blanket was no longer where it was. She frantically looked around the room dreading the presence of the blanket, tears now streaming down her cheeks; she decided to try kicking down the door. As she lifted her left leg, a thin, cold hand grabbed her right leg scraping her flesh. She fearfully looked downwards and discovered to her surprise a frightened girl. She quickly hoisted the girl on her shoulders and using all her body weight knocked over the hard metal door, it toppled over with a loud echoing thud. This alerted a teacher down the hall whose footsteps were soon heard monopolizing the hallway walls with an...
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