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Aree Herring Eng. 101(Wed.2-5)
Sept. 16,2009
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` You may come across a few people who may inspire you in some point and time of your life. I believe everyone can use inspiration and use it to changethier lives in some aspect. For me i've found that one who has inspired me in many ways. He is an awesome man not only is he my inspiration he is my best friend and his name is Corey. I met Corey while walking on a beautiful day in May of 2008 down Main street in my hometown of Beacon. That was the day that my life was going to change for the good, without me knowing it. Without his inspiration I believe I would not have accomplished most of the things I have today.` ` Although he stands at a intimidating6ft 5in. he's a slim cuddly giant. His colossal stauture doesn't scare me one bit. Corey is the type of person who you can come to with any and everything without judgement. Not only does he not judge you, he gives you his honest opinion whether you wantto hear it or not. Which can sometimes hurt but it's what you need to hear at that time. It could be 3am and he's asleep and has to get up at 6am and be to work at 7:30am and your having a problem he's there to listen and give you advice.` ` Corey has inspired my life in many ways. He started by showing me that I could live a drug and alcohol free life and still have a great time. He knows this first hand because he plays basketball and he doesn't smoke nor drink and still lives an exceptional life. Sohere I am drug and alcohol free, and living a great life. He has also made me appreciate the life I live as a single mom to a 3 year old boy named Jah'mere. Before meeting Corey I felt like giving up on motherhood. I was overwhelmed with being all alone taking care of a then 1 and 1/2 year old. In my opinion I was a great mom but I wanted more for my son and Corey made me realize that I was doing everything in my power to be a great mom. He pointed out that I had already...
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