Descriptive Paragraph

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Those cruel words had dug right into my heart, as if someone had stabbed me at that moment. Her eyes were frosty deep blue, she had blond hair the smell of divine cherry, and her perfume of sweet vanilla. As I walked away from her you could hear the creeks of the floor as I took each step down that colorless hall. When I entered our room; I could almost remember every single one of our happiest moments. As I started to weep silently I got out one of the traveling bags from underneath the bed, took my clothes from the drawer, and placed it swiftly inside. When I had finished packing I breathlessly passed by her, inhaling her perfume one last time. Not stopping to say goodbye, I touched the briskly knob and gently closed the door behind me.

When I got outside, I noticed that the once busy streets were now empty; as if in some strange way the coming of the never ending rain had dried up the city, pounding on the rooftops and turning the sidewalks and roads into vast lakes of dead muddy waters. Dark gray clouds covered the once vivid blue sky only letting a few rays of feeble sun slip past the barrier. The monotonous sound of raindrops beating on the sidewalk blended in with the occasional whoosh of the breeze through the treetops. Everything was bleak, gray, and dreary- even the atmosphere. People dressed in heavy coats, and bearing large umbrellas walking quickly with purpose, not stopping to look at anything or anyone.

Once I got to the corner it seemed like I was the only person standing there now, at that isolated corner waiting… except I wasn’t exactly sure of what though; her, or some sort of transportation to take me far away from that dreary place. The rain was now tickling my nose and I could feel the water from beneath my feet in my shoe, as well as I could feel my now very messy damp hair. As I raised my right hand for a cab I felt a very freezing raindrop go down my arm, under my sleeve, and past my chest

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