Descriptive Paper (Day at the Fair)

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A Day at the Fair

October is the time for fall and fairs. As the leaves begin to fall, the fair goes up. One by one the rides come together. It only takes a few days and the fair is open for business. There are so many cool things at the fair. My favorite things would have to be the rides, the food, and the games.

The rides are what make the fair so much fun. Some rides go up and down, while others go round and round. While you are standing in line you can hear screams and music coming from the rides. Sometimes the screams are so loud they make you afraid to get on the rides. The ride that scares me the most is the Zipper. Even though the Zipper scares me, my trip wouldn’t be complete without riding it.

The food at the fair is unlike food from anywhere else. As soon as you come in the gate, your mouth starts to water from the smells. They have chicken on sticks, funnel cakes, caramel apples, and much more. My favorite food at the fair is funnel cake. It smells so sweet and taste like heaven. With all the foods to choose from, I can never leave without eating a delicious funnel cake.

The games are so much fun. I could play them for hours. When you walk around the fairgrounds, you can see all the games spread out. Some games seem impossible to win. The hardest game to win is the milk jug toss. It’s so hard to get the bottom jugs to fall. You get three chances to knock them down. You can throw the ball hard and fast, but most of the time the jugs will not fall. I think they must be glued tightly to the table. Even though the games are sometimes hard to win, I still love them all.

The fair is a place to spend a day riding, eating, and playing. No matter if you like fast or slow rides, you can find one you like. There are so many types of food that everyone will find something delicious. The games might be hard but they are tons of fun. My favorite way to spend a fall day is at the fair.
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