Descriptive Narrative

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Mr. Hays
Lindsay Teegarden

Homecoming Queen!

It is every little girl’s dream to someday become a Princess, or better yet a Queen. This usually happens when they watch Disney movies such as Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Children often use these people as role models. But for Lindsay, there was a whole different meaning behind those words. She learned that to become one of those lucky people, she had to give a little first.

When Lindsay was in Kindergarten, she had the privilege of being part of the 1999 Homecoming Royalty as the crown bearer. She was so honored that she was selected over all the other girls in her class as the one that the principal wanted to carry the beautiful shiny crown. When that day came, she was dressed in a cute white dress that hung to her knees, and her hair was curled beautifully. She was so happy that she was getting to do this, but her knees started to tremble. As the Homecoming court slowly started making their way out on the Norfork Gymnasium floor, Lindsay began getting nervous. It would soon be here turn to walk out on that floor with that red velvet pillow. She hoped that she would not trip and fall, because if she broke the crown, the Queen would be very upset with her.

Everything went great! Lindsay did not trip, and the Queen was great! When Lindsay woke up the next morning, she was a senior in High School. She looked in the mirror and saw herself all grown up. Where had the time gone? Who is this stunning, tall blonde looking in the mirror at me? I’m still little, or so she thought. Twelve years after Lindsay was in Homecoming, she was once again introduced to it. Lindsay was a five foot nine-inch senior on the Norfork Lady Panthers starting line up, and boy did she love basketball! When that whistle blew, she was chasing that ball from the time it left the refs hand until the time that dreadful out of time buzzard blew. Lindsay had such a passion for basketball, and everyone could tell.

It was...
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