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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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'Gifts Rapped' is a magazine article that was published and featured in the British magazine 'The Spectator' on Saturday, January 24th, 2004. Written by the author of the 'Alex Rider' series, Anthony Horowitz, the article exposes his criticism of modern day toys. He also argues that toys in the present are inferior to the toys in the past and that the industry has begun to escalate. The devices used within the article are used to increase the audience's awareness for children who too easily discard their toys and cause the readers to feel critical and empathy.

The idea of children producing the toys vs. the children receiving the gifts is a strong idea that is shown from the beginning of the article. Horowitz uses juxtaposition to emphasize the contrast between the children producing the gifts and the children receiving the gifts. An example of this is "Children slaving on one side of the world for the pleasure of their better off counterparts." Reading this phrase made me feel sorrowful and actually agree with Anthony Horowitz. This also causes the audience to feel mournful. The use of the phrase ' eye-watering' immediately suggests that the price of the toys is slightly intolerable. The emotive language used in this phrase helps suggest the significance of the price.

Horowitz uses the first paragraph to underline how quickly children discard their toys. The use of the phrase ‘Wrapped with such optimism and torn with such fervor, are finally abandoned, abandoned and unwanted’ helps imply Horowitz’ negative feelings towards the giving and receiving of gifts. The use of juxtaposition helps emphasize the contrast of how much enthusiastic children were when they first receive the toys and how quickly they abandon them.

He also uses emotive language to induce the insensitive feelings and agreement of the readers. An example of this is 'Torn open with such fervor, and finally abandoned, broken and unwanted'. From reading this, the audience feels compassion...
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