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Topics: Archangel, Angel, God Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Heavenly Bodies
This is a heavenly picture of a supernatural man with huge wings like a big bird; he has a long wooden spear piercing down on a big man with two horns and a pitch fork in his left hand. The Angel is enrobed in a blue and red robe, with a golden helmet and braces around his head and ankles respectively. His posture is representative of a majestic state of being such that only a supernatural being could assume. He hovers above the demon with such an air of commanding authority that defines his powerful status as an angel. Directly beneath the angel lies the overcome Lucifer that seems to be struggling to avoid the inevitable end that is about to befall him. This picture completely represents the biblical view of how Lucifer an angel of God was chased out of the kingdom of Heaven by Another Angel called Angel Michael the arch angel. The Arch Angel held the wooden spear over the beast man, ready to pierce the right side of his body, the lifeless body of his demons laid helpless on the ground on his left and right side, obliviously been slained by the arch angel. The Surrounding cloud is like a day of battle not blue or bright, but it looked like a thunderstorm and fire was about to pour down. The moon was shinning through the cloud, giving the angel a bright and seemingly victorious array thereby allowing a contrast between arch angel Michael and Lucifer. This picture illustrates how Good will always supersedes Evil. The power struggle between Good and Evil has always been constant, for the very beginning of life. Heavenly beings like Arch Angel Michael will always been there to help Mankind out of Difficult and Evil Situation if you believe.
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