Descriptive Essay- a Summer Night

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Eyes Left Burning and Heart Still Searching
My eyes start to tingle and burn as they become covered by a blanket of smoke as I stare into the bright glow of a 4th of July bonfire. I’m relaxed and comfortable as I reclined back in my canvas lawn chair. With one hand, I loosely hold a dewy can of beer, and my other hand is tucked tightly under my knee to keep from the cool air. I close my eyes tightly trying to rid of the burning from letting myself stare far to long into the flames. They seem to reach and throw themselves high into the darkness of the clear night sky. I gaze around the fire, and the guests seem to be enjoying themselves as they mingle with family and friends. Billows of laughter escape from each of the small circles of conversations. A few of us, like myself, sat alone around the fire escaping the drunkenness of these conversations, which everyone but me perceives them to be intellectual. A friend comes and taps me on the shoulder and motions towards the lake, as I now see the fireworks have started. I grab my drink and jacket, pull myself up from the chair, and start walking towards the lake. The cold dew on my bare feet is a surprising but a refreshing brake from the hot waves from the fire. The cool breeze feels wonderful on my arms and neck, but is ever more apparent on my flushed, pink checks. Its cool but refreshing as I take a deep breath of the clear air, free of smoke. We find an open stop at the far end of the dock where we lower ourselves down and sit on its splintered edge. Rolling up our jeans, we place our toes in the cool, glass-like lake. Gently we wave our feet back and fourth, and make small ripples across the reflection of the starry night sky. Every few seconds the reflection upon the lake is filled with the bright and vibrant explosions of reds, blues, purples and greens. The ripples make the explosion of colors dance upon the water making this image more interesting then the true explosions; almost as if there were two...