Descriptive Essay, a Picnic in the Ukraine

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  • Published : April 16, 2009
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Brewer 1
Mark Brewer
Professor Allen
English 111N
14 March, 2009

A Picnic in the Ukraine

Ukrainian people know how to have a great time at a picnic. From the serene landscape that’s been untouched for thousands of years, to the natural foods unlike any found elsewhere in the world, a picnic in the Ukraine is something every person should experience. One will always remember a picnic shared with the Ukrainian people. First of all, the Ukrainian people know how to have a good time at a picnic. They all sing together beautiful traditional Ukrainian songs. Their voices harmonize like a classically trained choir. They clap to their songs, staying in unison as well as any professional percussionist. When dancing, they form a circle, so everyone has a chance to showcase their talent. Some of Ukrainians dance so light on their feet, they seem to hover on air. In addition, the scenic backdrop at a picnic in the Ukraine is one a guest will never forget. Pine trees that surround the picnic area seem as tall as skyscrapers. The aroma of fresh cut hay brings a sense of peacefulness to the picnicker’s body. The colorful blankets which people sit on are so bright, they’re like flowers covering a field. Next to the picnic area is a crystal clear pond with large fish jumping through the water. The natural foods the Ukrainian’s cook for a picnic are in a class of their own. The pork meat for the shish kabob, is submersed for two days in garlic, onions, vinegar, Brewer 2

salt, and pepper. The shish kabob is cooked to perfection over an open wood fire, adding a smoked flavor to the meat. This juicy, delicious delicacy melts in your mouth almost instantly. The traditional Ukrainian black bread is handmade with love, and is like biting into a cloud, with tastes ranging from bitter to sweet. The black and red caviar adds a colorful saltiness to the meal. As always, in keeping with tradition, there’s vodka to warm the stomach and clear the mind at a...
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