Descriptive Essay/ a Dorm Room

A Dorm Room
Entering into the dorm room it was evident that the two inhabitants were completely opposite. Observing each side of room mixed emotions ran through my mind; heaven and hell, night and dark, cold and hot. My attention quickly wavered to my right. The walls were painted dark gray with a few black and white posters stapled in place. One poster had one big tree with no leaves accompanied by a boy under the tree reading a book. Immediately to the right of the poster was a slideshow picture of a boy and a girl in black and white. Usually most slideshow pictures show each person making a silly or obnoxious face in succession. This slideshow showed the faces with the same emotion in each picture, no emotion. While looking down I noticed two mattresses stacked on top of each other with a black blanket and gray patterns running through it. On top of the bed sat a closed laptop with a black background and numerous red stickers stamped covering the whole front; resembling a car with bumper stickers plastered all over. There was no nightstand just a milk crate with a white cloth covering it, only showing the patterns of diamonds through it. On top of the makeshift nightstand was a clock illuminating 2:45 in neon green. While backing up to take in a better picture of this side of the room I ran into something. I looked directly up and saw a group of black bats hovering hanging by what looked like fishing line. At the foot of the bed on the floor were two paper plates one with a half eaten slice of pizza and the other with just crust and a glob of ranch next to the crust. I could smell the ranch and a bottle hidden valley immediately jumped into my mind. Directly in front of the paper plates sat a fish tank. Inside the fish tank I could see two scorpions under a glowing black light. The black light made the scorpions appear fluorescent. The scorpions stood atop sand and in between two fake shrubs. This side of the room was becoming a little too much for me as...
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