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Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Dieting Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Author: Pickrell , E
Title: “Over Obesity: Ways to Lose Weight”
August 09, 2011

This article is about the growth of overweight people in America and how to make your lifestyle a little healthier. America is one of the most obese countries in the world. The World Health Organization has labeled weight issues an epidemic because of the wide number of cases present worldwide. There are currently about three hundred million adults who struggle with this problem, but there are also many ways to control your weight. Diet is very important and affects your eating habits. If a person eats more than what he or she can burn, there is surplus fat stored in the body. Limiting the consumption of fatty and sugary food is an example of good dieting practice. Physical activity helps the body burn fat, making those extra deposits cases. Without adequate exercise, the body won’t be able to regulate its processes properly. Last but not least there is surgery. One can undergo a gastric bypass operation or lap band treatment. Always consult a professional. I think that this article is very helpful and if people read this the world would have less obese. Many people say they want to lose weight but don’t always want to know how to fix it or just think it’s too hard. I understand that it is hard to lose weight and people think that it’s just a breeze but it’s not. I think that if people knew what they were eating they wouldn’t eat as much as they do. I, myself know overweight people and know that if they really want to lose weight they could, just like people can do whatever they put their mind up to!
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