Descriptive Essay: Training for Wrestling Tournaments

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  • Published : February 21, 2012
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Training for a state championship is a vigorous and painful challenge. The joy it brings when it pays off in the form of winning is one of the best feelings someone can ever experience. The physical and mental challenge of preparing the mind and body for a tournament is necessary to win in any sport. When it comes to wrestling many believe it to be one of the hardest sports to prepare for. This preparation is what can bring the most satisfaction to whoever participates in the sports and works hard enough to win. In the sport of wrestling one of the most common practices is cutting weight. Wrestlers often work hard at losing weight to compete in a lower division to perform at the highest level. The sport has 13 weight classes ranging from 103 pounds up to over 245 pounds. The level of athleticism naturally decreases from the lighter weights to the heavier weights. With the lightest weights the wrestlers are usually more agile and a lot quicker than in the heaviest weights. A lot of wrestlers choose to lose weight in order to exploit their size or strength. Although the level of competition can increase by going to lower weights these slight advantages can be worth the risk.

When a wrestler decides to lose weight to compete in the lower weight brackets it is a commitment both in practice and at home. A person must change their entire diet. Wrestlers will often eat very little food while training as hard as they can. The practives themselves are physically intense. A wresting match consists of three two minute rounds. Within these two minute rounds every muscle in the body is exhausted. Although each period is relatively short compared to most sports the quickness of the periods causes each competitor to move as quick as possible during the entire two minutes of the round. During each period there is not a lot of time for the muscles to relax. There is no stop in time during the two minuets unless the wrestlers go out of bounds. Even when this happens the two...
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