Descriptive Essay: the Storm

Topics: English-language films, American films, Loudness Pages: 4 (712 words) Published: October 28, 2010
This unexpected night of chaos started around one thirty on a warm and humid

late summer night. Like any other person I was sound asleep exhausted from a long,

hard day at work. On our family farm were narrowing down our last few days of

harvesting corn. This particular day, we stayed in the field abnormally late desperately

trying to get out our crop we had put so much time into growing before the storm got

here. Asleep and in a deep dream I was suddenly awaken by that dead silent but obvious

unconscious alert that something was about to happen.

As I glanced around my pitch black dark bedroom, so dark I felt as if someone

had placed me in a cave deep down below the earths surface, I was frantically trying to

make sense of anything. Just as my eyes were finally adjusting and I had settled down, it

began. First was a flash that lit up everything inside and outside my window directly

followed an incredibly loud crash. So loud it was as if a U.S. Army M-1 tank had fired of

a round inside my room, aiming directly into my ear. And it was drawn out as if God was

crumbling up a bag of potato chips above my house which sent chills down my back, I

could feel every hair I had standing up one by one.

With my heart racing, trying to beat its way straight out of my chest, I leaped to

my feet and approach my window alarmingly. Pressing my hand and forehead against the

glass looking to see, anything. But again it was black, black and soundless. I just froze

and stared out there waiting for what seemed to be minutes was most likely only a few

seconds. Suddenly the house popped and creaked like a giant had stuck a straw over the

chimney and was sucking in the walls to cause it to cave in on me. Another bolt of

lightening interrupted just as heart stopping as the first and I could see everything. But

everything I saw in that brief tenth of a second was everything I was afraid of seeing.

The massive...
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