Descriptive Essay "The Paramedic"

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  • Published : February 22, 2009
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As a young girl, I experienced what at the time I thought was the end of the world. Yes, I was a little bit of a drama queen. At the age of eleven, and on my way to a ballet recital a woman who was careless pulled under an awning in a non-parking zone in front of The Girls Club. I was running to catch up with my group. I looked left and right and proceeded to walk under the awing to the parking lot across from the building. From the corner of my eye’s I saw a white car pull up in front of me very fast. The momentum of the car pulling up that close almost made me roller over the hood. I put both my hands on the car, and pushed my self away. Stepping back on my right foot, my left foot caught under the tire. I screamed in pain, and yelled at the women to move her car.

The woman did not hear me until after she turned the car off and got out. I had everyone’s attention by then, and the daycare workers called 911. After removing, the car the ambulance arrived with Paul the paramedic aboard, the relief of the large red truck with the blue Oostburg ambulance star of life on the side is unforgettable. As the tears streamed from my face, the first thing I saw was Paul’s sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and smile that could light up a dark room. Immediately he began to calm me down, handing me a blue bear telling me to point on teddy where it hurt. As he began to work on my foot he told me to look at the pictures, he had taped to the inside of his ambulance. I remember sitting there looking at the pictures, to this day, I could describe every face color and background of each one.

Paul a simple man who was a normal man with a family, a dog, and love for camping all of which I gathered from the pictures was more than an average person. Paul was the first man on site who yes did his job by performing his duties and splinted my foot for the ride to the hospital but Paul was more. He cared about his victims, and he took the time while off duty to purchase...
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