Descriptive Essay - Paris

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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It’s early in the morning and my mind and body try to connect to wake up. I move as slow as a turtle, maneuvering across my clothes-piled floor. Delicious salami and butter sandwiches are packed, Euros are stowed, and shoelaces are tied; everything is ready for my Paris adventure to launch. Cramming into my host family’s blue, shrimp sized car felt like caged bird. Speeding through the narrow streets made me feel like a bumble bee, shifting so quickly and searching for a destination. Not a single speed limit sign was in sight. The freeway rush made the road seem like a roller coaster ride, barely hanging on to my seat belt. The train station we arrived at was filled with the smell of exhaust and garbage. The loud vacuum noise annoyed me as the trains raced by blowing my hair in every direction. My heart was pounding because getting on the train was a struggle due to the large amount of people rushing to not miss it.

My host family dozed off because they are used to the gorgeous scenery that surrounds them every day. Looking out my window, God lavished my eyes with colorful fields so perfectly grown and groomed that it seemed surreal. Not a single patch of land visible between Germany and France was without use for wine, hay, animals, or just pure beauty. Staring off into the distance, the luminous city of Paris snagged my curious, wandering eyes from the enticing view of the luscious fall-colored fields. Taking the subway was the most efficient way of traveling in Paris. Every subway route had people sitting or standing, packed in tightly like sardines. Thousands of people roam the streets with the city being so large; looking at a single map of it looks as if it could be its own country.

The mall we visited reminded me of a museum. Each level had one main product that it focused on. The whole top floor displayed and sold shoes; that floor should have been labeled shoe-heaven. The entire bottom floor was flooded with cosmetic stands. Walking through the...
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