Descriptive Essay on Hawaii

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John Smith
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14 Nov 2011
Narrative Essay Final Draft
When people plan to attend Hawaii they think of beautiful beaches, great exotic food, and the smell of wonderful flowers never before smelt. That is exactly what they get, from turquoise blue water to skyscraping palm trees Hawaii has so many exotic things to see. Also all the great smells of Hawaii from the wild fruit to the roasted pig on the beach Hawaii definitely brings to mind one thing happiness. In Hawaii there are many things that bring happiness to mind such as the extravagant smells, not to mention the beautiful sights, and most of all the spectacular taste in the exquisite food they have in Hawaii.

First of all, the sweet aromatic fragrances you smell in Hawaii are probably the most diverse and wonderful. For example, The exotic sweet scented fruits send an illuminating scent to your nostrils that makes people never want to leave! Another exquisite smell distinct to Hawaii is the spicy roasted pig, mixed and flavored with some of the fruits and spices on the island. Everyone can smell the pigs from hundreds of feet away. Also coconuts which give off a very sweet scent are vey aromatic, but it is the inside of the coconut that people want, the milk. Coconut milk is a somewhat sweet liquid used in some ways to prepare meals. Another very

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strong but not quite an intriguing smell is freshly cut fish. Fish have a very putrid scent for people who are sushi fans freshly cut fish is no problem for them. A lot of people in Hawaii are used to smell but extravagant smells are not the only thing good about Hawaii there’s also a lot to see.

Secondly, the sights in Hawaii are some of the most extravagant in the world. Hawaii has so many different things to see like humongous palm trees, some of the tallest in the world. People say they look up at the humongous palm trees and say they go past some of the buildings. One of the most jaw dropping sights...
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