Descriptive Essay on Flying

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  • Published : December 8, 2011
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What do I do with my leisure time? Well that’s a funny question, because I don’t have much of it. When I get some extra time I enjoy flying with my good friend Sam. Since Sam is teaching me how to fly, I’ll be able to share all the wonderful and majestic views with you. There’s nothing like a little adrenaline rush at the end of the day. Before we get in the plane, we walk around it, check the oil, the tire pressure and climb up on the wing and open the gas cap on both wings to make sure there is enough fuel. We check the gauges to make sure they work; they always do but that’s all part of inspecting the plane. Once we are done with our preflight inspections we untie the plane and remove the chucks from under the tires. Then we get into the small cockpit. Then we adjust our green leather seats to the proper place, where the seat is comfortable for each one of us; since we do want to be comfortable when flying. The first thing that we do is grab the yoke(the steering wheel) and turn it left and right, and forward and back, to make sure the flight controls are free and correct. When all of that is complete we are ready to turn on the power. Sam turns on the master switch and all the electronics and avionics come on with a beeping or ringing noise. The dashboard looks like a Christmas tree all lit up. Next the key goes in the ignition. That’s when I have to turn the key past the right and left magneto position to start the propeller. Then the propeller goes around a couple of times, which sounds like an oversized fan being turned on, and the plane has been started. He then adjusts his gauges and we put on our head phones. As I put on my headphones I can hear other people talking on the radio. We then tune into the common traffic advisory frequency and we taxi for take-off. In order to take off properly, you have to take off into the wind; so we watch the flag to see which way the wind is blowing. That helps you to determine which runway to use and the direction we...
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