Descriptive Essay of the Beach

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Childhood is like a magical sand castle on the shore. One moment it is there and the next washed away by the high tide. The beach is a special place through the eyes of an innocent girl. Remembering the warm summer days spent on the beach with her family. Her favorite part is feeling the dry sand trickle through her dainty hands. She explores from day to night trying to unravel the oceans mysteries. The beach contains little things that bring her joy and childhood memories which have not been washed away. Through the eyes of the young girl the beach is a blissful place. There are miles upon miles of golden sand sparkling by the blazing sun. As she stands adjacent to the ocean, warm sand squishes between her toes with every wave of indigo water. The wind rushes gently toward the shore. In between each breeze, a hint of golden sunshine hits her skin. Standing by the ocean, waves roll in over her toes. Her feet sink deeper and deeper into the sand, and she feels the cold bubbles beneath her toes. The smell of salt consumes her, as the mist from ripping water hits her rosy red cheeks. She decided to build a sand castle and watch channels fill with water. Here she can feel the wind from the coast rush through her long brown curls. As she steps past the seaweed into the water, rough waves push her down like the inside of a washing machine. She decides to take a stroll down the beach to explore the rocks in the distance. Moreover, the rocks are filled with endless grooves of tide pools. She notices unique creatures surrounded by shinny sea shells. Her eyes gaze at the vibrant orange starfish, and gliding her hands along the starfish she feels a rough and bumpy surface. Meanwhile, her feet burn from wearing no shoes and the texture of rugged sharp ground underneath pierces her feet. Seaweed of red, brown, and green floats everywhere, it feels slimy and smooth to touch. Overhead seagulls glide in the air making screams and whistles. They splash into the water on a...
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