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  • Published : September 30, 2008
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My Greatest Accomplishment
Looking back on my life, I have found that my greatest accomplishment thus far would have to be completing my primary schooling and continuing onto college. Trivial as this may seem to most, the twelve years of education I received was a struggle at times, but in the end was well worth it.

The first years of schooling were difficult for me, even though looking back now were quite easy. From kindergarten up to eighth grade we were taught the fundamentals of our education. We were taught to read, write, spell and work out simple math equations. Our teachers were more lenient with us back then. They would go easy on us for our mistakes and the grade system back in grade school was easier on us. Grade school teaches us a lot more than just book smarts. They teach us right from wrong and basic social skills there. Grade school is known for there bullies and clicks and can be a very difficult time for many kids.

Having successfully completed elementary and middle school, I moved on up to high school. Being a freshman in high school was quite intimidating; you’re right back at the bottom of the food chain. High school is very different from elementary and middle school. Instead of teachers letting you turn in your homework a day or two late, they take off percentage points from your grade. High school has higher expectations out of a student than elementary and middle schools do such as, being on time to class, more complex homework assignments ect. In high school you mature into young adults, you start to have actual responsibilities, maybe a job or a club. You are faced with choices that can have very grave consequences. In high school you’re not only occupied with by school and grades, your also worrying about what is cool and who is cool. The classes you take are more advanced than that of grade school and the grades you earn actually do have an impact on college. High school was not an easy ride for me; I struggled with grades and...
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