Descriptive Essay: Karma

Topics: Karma, Morality, Buddhism Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Karma: Action has Consequences
“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” (Unknown) Many people use the word Karma in their daily language, “Better watch what you say/do or Karma will come back to haunt you.” This statement is understood by most but Karma has a deeper meaning and a rich history in religion, spirituality, and philosophy.

The definition for Karma in the Dictionary of Buddhism states, “For Buddhism, as in Hinduism, this is the moral law of cause and effect. People build up karma (both good and bad) as a result of their actions. This then determines the state of existence to which one is reborn after birth. In Buddhism, the different levels can include hells, humans or animals in this world, or one of several heavens.” Many people live their daily lives on auto-pilot, going about their day without much thought about the effects of their words or actions. According to the Law of Karma, “Every human action in thought, word or deed-inevitably leads to results, good or bad, depending on the moral of the action,” meaning there is no action without a consequence. Karma can also be defined by Christian belief that “As we sow, so shall we reap.” Individuals have choices in life and the choices they make are the roads they will follow. In the end, it is the destiny they have created for themselves. Many believe that Karma is predestination or fatalism but fatalism and predestination are the exact opposite of Karma, both implying that individuals are bound by circumstances or an outside power. They may believe that they do not have the power to change the direction their lives have taken. When all has gone awry they believe that it was in their cards to have bad luck, when The Law of Karma states that Karma is actually a harmony...
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