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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Descriptive Essay Final

The downtown metropolis can be a complex place, and some may need to become accustomed to it. It is Five O' Clock in the afternoon. The sun is starting to drag itself lower, dimming the landscape, leaving a majestic orange on the horizon. The towering structures above leave enormous shadows on the people below. Car horns ring and sirens pulse, as the people make haste towards there destinations, rushing aggressively as if though it is a race. The end of the work day has just began. The craze is unique from anywhere else. An endless flow of people and vehicles seem to liter the area. A man can be seen making his way towards a small parking lot. The parking lot has not been taken care of for some time. Potholes and cracks cover the asphalt. Small weeds can be seen pushing there way through the cracks, and the yellow painted lines have almost vanished. Parked in between all of these fading lines are many cars, making a rainbow out of all there different colors. The man's car is a beautiful one. It is a small four-door luxury sedan, painted black, with tinted windows. The car shines with a chrome finish on the rims and bumpers. A familiar high pitched “Beep Beep” can be heard as the car unlocks. The man opens the the door on the car and enters the luxurious interior. It has fine, tan, leather seating, which looks comfortable enough to be used as a bed. The dashboard lights up with a turn of a key, and the car begins to smoothly move across the parking lot. The man is now stuck in the traffic with the rest of the workers, trying to make there way home as fast as possible. Gridlock can be seen in both directions, an endless heap of cars, with the sounds of many engines leave a distasteful smell of exhaust. As the cars move farther out of the downtown area everything seems to be moving faster, and fewer cars can be seen on the road as the man drives farther out of the concrete jungle towards home. The tall buildings of the downtown skyline...
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